The Adventures of Wisky & Pals

First and foremost Wisky is a series of stories of mainly wild animals. When children pick up a wisky book they are anticipating another exciting adventure of Wisky & Pals. They are not another passive animal story, but stories that stretch children's imagination. From a three year old or thirty year old, we can all be transported to another world and dream. Remember the excitement of delving into a 'feast of a story'?

Book 1: Wisky's New Home

When Pam and Jim fulfil a dream of owning an Inn they have one problem, their cat Wisky, how would he fit into his new life? He had only known the cosy city flat and his pampered existence. But the shock of moving to the inn in the middle of the countryside did not come alone. Who was the scary old dog with the matted coat who also lived in the inn? And the other peculiar animals that surrounded them. What other secrets did the inn hold?
Wiskys New Home is the first in a series of adventure stories out soon Wisky And The Garden of Thornes.


Wisky had only known the tiny flat in the city where he was pampered by Pam and Jim his humans. But when his humans realized the dream of owning their own inn in the country it throws Wisky into turmoil and uncertainty. 
Meeting 'Old Keg,' a fearsome old sheep dog is also a shock. He scares Wisky to the extent that Wisky causes chaos in the restaurant, but he is friendly towards him and explains that life is very different here and that because the humans are busy they have to look after each other. Wisky is confused when 'Old Keg' invited him to a committee meeting of friends in his attic room. Pam tells him that the sheepdog comes with the inn, and that he has been here for so many years that it would be unkind to move him. Wisky meets a bat named ‘Hungover,' a barn owl named 'Men-yooo two mice named Pye and Pynt and Shandy the angel fish along with the three gossiping guppys. 'Old Keg' lays down the agenda for the month, explaining that every other meeting had to be attended by the fish and that it will be held in the restaurant next to the aquarium. He also stresses that the gossiping guppys have to be informed about everything that happens, adding that they have to look after each other and quotes their motto, 'If the humans are happy, then we are happy.' 
When Pam loses her engagement ring after leaving it on the sink. Wisky rushes to enlist the help of 'Old Keg' and the rest of the committee. It is at that meeting that he introduced to a prize Burmese cat named Princess Pandora Petticoat. Wisky does not take to the haughty cat. A plan of action is organized and Wisky feels a little left out. 
Meanwhile, Pye and Pynt, the mice, overhears the rat ‘Snaggertooth' talking about Pam's ring in the drains and that the Beady Eyed Brigade, the committee old enemies, are preparing to sell the ring at the early morning market. Wiskys talks to the guppys in the absence of 'Old Keg' who everyone thinks, is in his field of dreams, calls an emergency meeting, knowing that the ring is hidden in their nests. Not wishing to disturb 'Old Keg,' Wisky takes matters in his own hands. He climbs the tree and locates the nest with the ring. The squirrel family has arranged to ignite rook scarers at intervals. Wisky volunteers to climb the tree to retrieve the ring. His paws are sore not being to use to the rough bark and he is feeling disoriented-panicking. Wisky freezes as the rooks dive bomb him. Princess Pandora Petticoat comes to his rescue, and guides him to safety. Wisky doesn't recognize her as she is bedraggled and dirty. 'Old Keg' disturbed by the noise of the rook scarers appears at the bottom of the tree and barks scattering the rooks. 
Wisky is a hero. Pam has her ring back. Everybody is happy, even 'Old Keg' as he resumes his sleep in the field of dreams. 

Wisky's Gallery

List of Committee Members

Old Keg - An old dog that belongs to the inn.
Pye and Pynt - Two mischievous mice who live behind the kitchen units.
Hungover the Bat.
Men-Yooo - A barn owl that shares the barn with hungover.
The Gossiping Guppies and Shandy the Angel Fish - Their home is in the aquarium in the inn.
Princess Pandora Petticoat - A prize burmese show cat.
The Hole in the Tree Gang - Squirrel Family.

The Inspiration behind Wisky

The idea came to me after watching how my Daughters cat reacted every time they bought or managed another inn or hotel in different parts of the country mostly, he settled in well and then I thought what if he met other animals that live in the surrounding area would they be friendly or not !'

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